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CAT Program Resources


Scheduling time in our studio.

If you need to schedule a photo shoot in our studio you've come to the right place.


You can schedule one of three areas in the studio. All you have to do is click on the area below that you wish to schedule. Any time that is green is available and can be booked.

  Please be responsible in requesting a specific work area. If you book a specific area you MUST work in that area unless there is no one else booked in the studio at that time.

  Once you've made your choice for a work area, click on one of the logos below to access the booking portal for that specific area.

  You can book time in one hour increments. If you book the time, use all of the time.


NO MORE THAN 3 HOURS MAY BE BOOKED CONTINUOUSLY. At least two hours must pass before you can book the studio again unless prior arrangements have been made with your photo teacher, Christie, Fred or Terry.


AREA 1 is the area of the studio at the far end of the entrance and includes 3 separate backdrops for use in that area.


area 1


AREA 2 is the area in the middle of the studio. It has only one setup for use.


area 2


AREA 3 is the area of the studio closest to the front door and includes the tabletop as part of that area.


area 3




CAT logos

Here you'll find all the official versions of the CATP logo. Just click and download.


Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Other Options


Fill out a CAT Learning Lab Walk-In Form


CLICK HERE to fill out a CAT Learning Lab Walk-In Form


If you visit CH 321B on Friday's for tutoring sessions or to get advice or advising for registration, please fill out this form. We must keep records of the numbers of students who visit and whether they received the help they needed during their visit.



Advising Session Evaluation


CLICK HERE WHEN YOU VISIT TERRY for advising to fill out the Advisor Evaluation form for Terry Lutz.


CLICK HERE WHEN YOU VISIT FRED for advising to fill out the Advisor Evaluation form for Fred Crawford.



Visit the pages at the following links for some of the best resource material found on the web.


Important Websites & Tutorials


JCTC Campus Map









Report a Software or Equipment Malfunction


Whether you are a student, staff member, or faculty member of the CAT program, if you notice a problem with any of our equipment, please let us know here. Submission is easy.



Request for Work from Student Ad Agency


Here you may request work to be done by CAT students in our Student Ad Agency. Once your request is submitted here, our faculty will review the request to determine if our students have the expertise and the time to complete the job. All requests for jobs in the SAA must allow for the student(s) to complete the job within that semester. We will only take on 2 - 4 projects per semester. If your job is selected for production, by policy, all work done is first come first served.