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photo by Kelsey Ridener

CAT Student Show open for just a few more days. Better Hurry!

The Communication Arts Technology Program’s Art Competition & Show, the CATTY’s, opened December 3rd and will run through January 19th 2015. All student work was created specifically for and during the current fall semester for a Communication Arts class. All work will soon be judged based on creativity and execution of concept.

The following categories are represented in the exhibition:


Enjoy the show.  



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"Imagination is Everything"

–Albert Einstein







7 CAT Students win 17 ADDY Awards


Eleven CAT students participated in the annual ADDY Awards sponsored by the American Advertising Federation–Louisville. Seven students won 17 Student "Louie" Awards this year.

  The ADDYS, or Louies, as the Louisville Chapter of the Ad Federation calls them, are the first tier of a three tier advertising competition. Students who win gold or silver at the local level will move on to the District, 3-state, competition. If they win there, they move on to the national competition.

  The winning students were notified a couple of weeks ago that their work had won a Louie. They were not told whether they won gold or silver awards but they were told they had won one of those two.

  The ADDY Competition is like the Academy Awards of the advertising world and winning a Louie is tantamount to winning an Oscar.

  Students who win a Louie belong to a rare club. They are Louie Winners. It's extremely difficult to win a Louie. Only the best work gets recognized with this honor.

  Students who have won this award can look to it with pride. It is not judged by their teachers. It is not judged by anyone in Louisville. It is judged by people who are proven winners in the advertising world themselves who may have never even heard of our school. The work is judged on its own merits. The Student Louie Award serves to validate a student's achievements to the student, to their peers, and to the professionals who understand what it means–outstanding, creative advertising.

  Next Friday night, February 20th, at Louisville's prestigious Seelbach Hotel, all seven winners will learn exactly what they have won. Will it be Gold or Silver? Either way, they are all winners and are to be congratulated and celebrated for their extraordinary efforts.

  The seven students who have won Louie Awards this year are:

  Rebekah Cohen

  Andrea Koesters

  Ty Lancaster

  Kim Oldham

  Michael Phelps

  Kimberly Raber

  Sirima Rattanamanokorn

Congratulations to all of you, Louie Winners. Well done.

  The Louie Gala is open to anyone who wishes to attend. Student tickets are $35 and non-member, non-student tickets are $65. Tickets are available online at https://aaflouis.starchapter.com/meet-reg1.php?id=4. Click on "Continue as Guest" then follow the instructions.



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